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IJ announces Supreme Court victory for free speech
Today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced a landmark victory for free speech, making clear in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that under the First Amendment the government cannot stifle dissent by restricting the right of corporations to spend money on independent political speech.

Is this the next huge swindle/meltdown?
With a mandatory cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions likely, some Florida businesses are looking for an edge - and profits - by trading in voluntary markets. But those markets, some say, are still in a "wild, wild west" stage. For half a century, the Gannon power plant near Tampa Bay burned coal to churn out the electricity that keeps lights burning and air conditioners humming in the Tampa Bay area.

Final Victory for First Amendment Rights is Florida
Arlington, Va. The state of Florida has declined to appeal a federal court ruling striking down the state's "electioneering communications" law, marking a final victory for the nonprofit groups that challenged the law as a violation of First Amendment rights in Broward Coalition v. Browning...

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